The Inspection Process

Canopex prides itself on a thorough canopy inspection, which assesses the condition of the construction elements and the canopy design. Our patented process utilizes the latest technology to examine the entire canopy, including the steel support columns, the drainage system, the roof deck, and the fascia system.

The steel columns are the initial focus of Canopex inspections, because they are critical to the stability of the entire canopy. Even average moisture over time can cause the steel to corrode, if the columns were not properly installed and maintained. The condition of the steel is first assessed with a non-destructive impact and resonance test. This test is followed with an examination using an ultrasonic thickness gage, which is capable of filtering out the effects of paint and corrosion, to provide a true measure of the thickness of the support columns.

We also evaluate your canopy’s drainage system, which must be free from obstruction to function properly. Any areas of concern are specifically noted.

Our inspectors will then examine the roof deck and fascia panels with their structural supports. Inspectors will concentrate of the stability and safety of your overhead structure and will insure that the construction was performed according to standard industry practices.

After the inspection is complete, the data collected is evaluated and an analysis report is prepared. The report will provide recommendations for maintenance and identify necessary corrective actions.

Our goal at Canopex is to provide you, the canopy owner, with the inspection, evaluation, and guidance you need to be certain that your property value is preserved and that your customers are provided with a safe environment.