The Design / Maintenance Issue

All canopies have some method of removing rainwater from the top of the structure. The type of drainage system and how it is maintained play a key role in the longevity of your canopy. Many older canopies actually used the vertical support columns as a conduit to remove the water. Unfortunately, this can promote corrosion of the vertical members from the inside out. This is a particularly dangerous condition, since it is difficult for the owner to recognize that a problem exists. The corrosion will weaken the support member, making it highly susceptible to overturning under wind loads.

Even if your canopy has internal or external drains, the drains must be checked periodically to ensure that there are no obstructions in the system. Organic matter from nearby trees or debris from metallic corrosion can collect in the drains over time, thus preventing adequate removal of the rainwater. This creates a significant risk. Standing water will promote corrosion over time, which will weaken the support members. A weakened structure is highly susceptible to overturning due to wind loads.

A Canopex inspector will assist you in evaluating your drainage system and will inspect the system to identify any problem areas. The inspector will also provide guidance for ongoing maintenance and/or recommendations for repairs or replacement.