Canopex Services Overview

Canopex offers preventative measures that canĀ help minimize the risk of an unexpected collapse and avoid potential disaster. The potential cost of repair and loss of business revenue due to a failure makes inspection a proactive means of prevention and smart business.

The goal of a Canopex inspection is to identify any design flaws, overload conditions, or material degradation that could produce a structural failure. The Canopex technician will employ our sophisticated, patent-pending inspection methods to thoroughly evaluate every key structural element of your canopy.

Canopex prides itself on a thorough canopy inspection, which assesses the condition of the construction elements and the canopy design. Our patent pending process utilizes the latest technology to examine the entire canopy, including the steel support columns, the drainage system, the roof pans, and the fascia panels.

After an inspection is completed, the data collected is evaluated, and an analysis report is prepared. Your Canopex inspector will present this comprehensive report to you and will review all recommendations for maintenance and any necessary corrective actions.